Sunday, 26 February 2017

Glaucous gull

At last some better views and this is a tricky 3cy (possibly 2cy if I have the iris wrong) glaucous gull at the small end of the scale in my opinion.  I couldn't watch it for long with a scope from where I was for security reasons and certainly no pics. Sorry about the error bit conditions were horrendous yesterday and the views were as per "pics".   I was concerned about the advanced bill pattern for a 2cy and the iris appeared not to be completely dark this am but couldn't see properly

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Seagull perseverance pays off

Inspired by Bill Aspin's latest Fishmoor video, decided to head off in the awful weather for a big seagull trawl of Heysham

Almost the first bird seen on the long range scope views (especially through rather a lot of rain) was a 2CY Iceland Gull.  It was not very settled however in the wet and windy conditions and repositioned itself several times before flipping over to the other side of the roof.  This is awkward to see but you can get very good views if you get the geometry right.  Jean managed this from the catwalk near the harbour waterfall before it slumped down showing only upperparts and head.  This was enough to confirm a not atypical late winter 'washed out' 2CY with a dark iris

Awful phonescope record shots into the wind and rain; one here:

 The model boat pond held 8 Gadwall (4 pairs) and 5 Tufted Duck

Friday, 24 February 2017

grey wagtail still in residence

Every so often one of our 'migrant' grey wagtails caught on autumn passage stays local, despite the norm being to tower off to the south east to continue an epic migration!

One ringed last autumn was seen on middleton in early January and the same bird was confirmed today by Malcolm with a few long range glimpses in the meantime.

 Not much else today in what has been a very quiet storm blown seabird free winter

Birdless Doris

Did the rounds this morning which included checking for wind blown seagulls as its main theme and this failed spectacularly with nothing found and not a single bird on the outfalls despite on one reactor off on each for the outage.  Even the pochard had given it a miss

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

More signs of spring

Middleton NR
 Model Boat Pond
Mallard 2 prs
Mute Swan 1pr
Tufted Duck 4males 2 femaales
Gadwall 4 prs
Oystercatcher. 1 pr
Pochard 1 male
Herring Gull 18, Lesser Black-backed Gull 9, Black-headed Gull 16

NoSwimming Pond
Little Grebe 1 (IOY)
Moorhen 1
Mute Swan 1 pr
 Fence Pond
Moorhen 1pr
Water Rail 1

Tim Butler
Moorhen 2
Teal 1 pr
Mute Swan  1pr
Mallard 1pr

Blackbird 2,
Magpie 3
Wren 2
Robin 6
BlueTit 1
Great Tit 2
Carrion Crow 4

Linnet 12
Goldfinch 1

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Canada 2 - Pochard 1

Middleton Nature Reserve (late am)
Two Canada Geese this morning again on model boat pond and again flew off (without any obvious disturbance) in SE direction. Only one male Pochard today, presumably the long staying bird from 2016.

6 Mute
2 Canada Geese
3 Moorhen
11 Gadwall
7 Mallard
1 Pochard
7 Tufted Duck
1 Water Rail
3 Meadow pipit (one displaying)

A couple of images below from model boat pond. Not to Janet's excellent standard, but they do show a reasonable selection of ducks etc.

20th Feb. Glodcrest

Checked out Middleton Nature Reserve again this morning, trying to relocate colour ringed Grey Wagtail. No luck.
The wildfowl status was as per yesterday, but no Canada Goose.

At least one Goldcrest with mixed tit flock on western boundary with golf course.

Czech-ringed Med Gull north harbour wall today (perhaps last sighting?)  (JM)