Thursday, 29 September 2016

A few scraps in a squall-free zone

Not a bad seawatch by recent September standards which shows just how dire they have been!

Sea 0830ish to 1230ish - definite sightings of note
Great Skua - distant bird in at 0900, medium range bird in at 1145
Arctic Skua - one seen by visiting birdwatcher 0930ish
Gannet - juv out
Kittiwake - 2-3 adults seen
Guillemot - one out close inshore
Golden Plover - two out

Inshore stuff
Little Gull - adult Heysham 2 outfall incoming tide
Med Gull - 3-4 x 2CY, 2 x ad, 1 x 1CY

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wet fret

In other words visibility was pants.  Gave up and went home

Red Nab
One 2CY Med Gull, half a dozen Wigeon (20 yesterday) and a miserable looking Little Egret

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

More bird scaring antics from an individual associated with Potts Corner access

This character has been mentioned before and his clearance of a roost of over 4000 waders today involved some deliberate driving, accompanied by two greyhounds, straight at a splinter group of 250 which had the temerity to land again, .  Along with the pony and trap, an effective bird scarer but why?  What is the agenda of the people who control the access at Potts Corner and obviously know these people?  Soon after this picture was taken the vehicle turned round and it & dogs flushed the remaining waders which flew towards Pilling

Red Nab held 2 x 2CY and 1 x 1CY Med and the usual ad Little Gull

Monday sightings and Nuthatch surprise

First of all a nice sighting of one of our Grey Wagtails at Carsington Water, Derbyshire, at the end of August.  This was deemed to be passing through and, as such was a case of an adult (female) on the move (ringed autumn 2014)

Secondly all sorts of bits from today which are not in my own notebook, mainly on the small arrival of Goldcrest and Chiffchaff theme

The key sightings were probably two Nuthatch on Heysham Head along with a flushed Tawny Owl.  The latter was known to be there but certainly not Nuthatch, despite the habitat looking great.  One downer though is a plague of Grey Squirrel

The outfalls held the usual adult Little Gull, two Med Gulls and a juvenile Curlew Sandpiper

Sunday, 25 September 2016

It's done it again

What looked to a spell of unbroken strong south westerlies this week has descended into nothingness with faint possibilities of something leach's petrel wise  Thursday am.    Despite Friday now being back on as a slack weather mist netting day it doesn't currently look like Yellow-browed warbler is on the obvious agenda.   At least there are possibilities for odds and sods on the outfalls.

Red nab/outfalls dropping tide
Little gull - definitely two adults
Med gull - 2x2cy, 4xad, 1x1cy

Saturday, 24 September 2016


An approaching low tide check of the outfalls and red nab saw a decent number of med gulls, notably a gang roosting on the SW point of red nab

Outfalls/red nab
Med gull - 5 x 2cy, 3xad and 3-4 mobile 1cy
Wigeon - 6 (first four two days ago - thanks pete)
Little gull - ad

The NR office is being demolished this morning

Friday, 23 September 2016

Getting late for both whitethroats

A bits and pieces day with a three net ringing session at Middleton, some coverage on Heysham head and around HNR office.   A decent amount of vis for a couple of hours mid morning.

Vis mig approximates
Meadow pipit - 200 se
Alba wagtail - 40 se
Grey wagtail - 7 se
Siskin - 1
Swallow -45 (small number in roost)
Starling - 4 s
Skylark -2 se

Lesser whitethroat - 1 Heysham head
Whitethroat - one ringed Middleton
Blackcap - 3 scattered singletons located
Blue tit - largest flock of the Autumn ringed at Middleton!
Goldcrest - gang of c15 Heysham head but just one new bird caught at Middleton
Stonechat - report of male Heysham
Head two days ago

Red admiral south

Included grey wagtail (4), blackcap, whitethroat