Saturday, 4 October 2008

Juv Arctic Tern joined by adult late afternoon

Heysham Obs
Wind a little too far to south for most of the day but a few bits and bobs accrued, mainly following in boats. JBP might score today Leach's-wise but only the chance of the odd one, I suspect. Just on the pager (2015hrs) : Leach's Petrel at Sandside (Kent Estuary)

IOM ferry 1210hrs
Little Gull - a newly-arrived juv followed it right into port (unusual)
Med Gull - 2nd W behind it, then flew 'out' - same as last few days?

Dredger mid afternoon
Kittiwake 5 (2 x juv)

North wall area accumulation during the day
Med Gull - 3 adults & the above 2nd W (including Czech-ringed Ad)
Shag - maximum of 8 juvs on the wooden jetty

Stage 2 outfall as viewed from Ocean Edge accumulation by late afternoon
Arctic Tern - juv still on Stage 2 outfall joined by adult late afternoon
Little Gull - ad & 2nd W & 3 x juv Little Gull Stage 2 outfall
Med Gull - 1st W for a short period

Leach's Petrel Sandside, Kent Estuary, as befits the southerly element in the wind, this afternoon. Where were the JBP observers today?