Saturday, 7 June 2008

Bottle-nosed Dolphin highlight

Heysham Obs
Autumn is here. A supposedly routine scan from Ocean Edge foreshore, concentrating on the outer end of Heysham 2 outfall as the starting point for a gull count, revealed a passing Bottle-nosed Dolphin and a flying Ad Med. Gull in the foreground. Another ad Med. was at rest alongside the outfalls and a 1st summer was flying about with 2 1st summer Common Gull for comparison on the seaward 1/3 of Stage 2 outfall [2 x Ad & 1st summer Meds Stage 2 outfall]

On the negative side, continued disappointment with the Black Guillemot situation, with no sign of any birds this morning. If, and it is a very, very big 'if' something was happening in one of the harbour wall holes [the wooden jetty seemed to have been deserted for as the main focal point for some time], the highest ones were (just) flooded by the SW wind-pushed tide two days ago. The previous day had seen extremely agitated behaviour by the male IN the harbour.

Two Mother Shipton moths "nailed" for NMN day/night on Middleton IE, along with a Treble Bar. The Friday night moth trap catch does not qualify for NMN but included first of the year in the form of Dusky brocade, Flame, Ingrailed Clay, Setaceous Hebrew Character and a Buff Tip i.e. (very) routine species! More notable was a high count of four Shaded Pug.

Unexpectedly impressive with a single (?) Bottle-nosed Dolphin making its way out of the bay in front of the freight ferry 'Shield', a Grey Seal off the north harbour wall (by no means a routine sighting) and another freshly dead Hedgehog on Moneyclose Lane along with an unseasonal and unwelcome (live) Grey Squirrel. Finally a stoat crossed the road between the office and entrance gate.

Two Spoonbill Leighton Moss area (following just one reported yesterday). 20+ Clouded Magpie Moths trapped at Dalton (near Burton) on sheet and light last night! Adult Long-eared Owl on a tree-shaded fence alongside the conifer plantation next to the Lower Lee fell road just before dusk but no squeaking gate calls from any young when in audible range for a short period just before midnight(2+ Short-eared Owl further up the road).