Friday, 27 December 2013

The usual suspects

Green shank request
Anyone any green shank sightings from 2013 at Heysham which we may have failed to pick up/you might not have thought worth reporting. At the moment we have a blank in the species accounts. Most likely to turn up during the Bonapartes gull period in early autumn. Please text or email pete (see sidebar).  Thanks - also anything else we don't know about as doing species accounts now

Heysham Obs
Best today were three juvenile Shag, one in the harbour mouth which then drifted around the corner into the bay and two together struggling to fly out of the bay.  One Kitt flock and a scattering of Little Gull in the hour long morning seawatch from the Gate 38 area & others later almost certainly gradually flying out but difficult to be absolutely certain. In late afternoon as the tide started to cover the outfalls, there were 45 on the outfalls and area and a further 41 counted flying out from the north side in 20 minutes.  So at least 86 and this is almost certainly a gross underestimate as all perceived movement has been 'out'.  Loads of large gulls around but I suspect we have had our white winger quota for this year.

Little Gull - at least 86 by late afternoon but see above
Kittiwake  one flock of 13 out, 3 inshore & c15 out later, 5 outfalls late pm
Shag - see above
Guillemot - at least 12 in the harbour/harbour mouth/offshore
Razorbill - presumably the same 1CY off the harbour mouth (it has been checked carefully!)
Wigeon - 32 out

Med Gull - Czech bird north harbour wall

Feeding Area - c40 mixed Finches seen briefly on feeding visit