Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Great Tits shun the nestboxes

Heysham Obs
An adventurous Great Tit has seemingly managed to get away with an 'open-top' nestbox.  Lets hope the young don't get too wet in the next few days.  Thanks for the pics, Janet.

(I've been monitoring this nest and the young look pretty healthy and strong so far.  Both parents feeding at full tilt this morning.  They are close to fledging and hopefully will be successful (ajd).)
Not a lot of coverage today other than a 'routine' CES & moth catch

Blackcap - 2 unringed males caught amongst the small number of other breeding species and juveniles.

Fox - 1 crossing the Reserve entrance road early this morning. Fairly regular sighting - probably on a food gathering run for young.