Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Black Guillemot returns (again)

Heysham Obs
Please put all potential Atlas records in blue for the next three months e.g. todays Carrion Crow nest. Please note which tetrad/10km square they are in or describe the location accurately - sorry its so complicated here as 4 x 10km squares converge!

A few interesting bits and bobs this morning, including the capture of a 7CY Wren, first ringed as a juvenile on 15/6/03 and not seen in-between-time! The national longevity record for Wren is 6 years 8 months 13 days. (2006 Ringing Report). This bird was 5 years 9 months 16 days old so we need to catch it again at this time next year to beat the record.

North harbour wall, incl intermittent vis 0800-1110hrs
Black Guillemot back by the wooden jetty
Meadow Pipit - 62 N
Linnet - 5 N & 6 at the feeding station (no Twite - see below)
Greenfinch - 2N, one in-off
alba Wagtail - 5 N, one in-off
Collared Dove - one N
Goldfinch - 5 N
Carrion Crow - pair nest-building on the tower at the end of the wooden jetty (SD35Z) plus 2+1 'in-off' then high to SE
Wheatear - just one
Mute Swan - 2 offshore slowly 'in' on the tide

No repeat of yesterdays duck bonanza offshore with just 8 RB Merganser, one Great-crested Grebe and some Eider in view.

Office vis
Swallow - one N (first of year)

Ringing HNR
Male Willow Warbler ringed along with 6 female Goldcrest (most of the April migrants are females) and two Chiffchaff. Unringed Dunnock and Great Tit unexpected. Goldcrest ringing total for this year already 41 - surely evidence that this last winter was never 'hard' long enough to clobber these small insectivores?

As I was leaving yesterday, just after the arrival of an 'in-off' Twite, I was aware of the Twite flock (26) appearing to 'follow' me along the harbour road. This was as the weather was clearing. Subsequently, only Linnet were present at the feeder and, despite extensive coverage, no Twite have been seen along the NHW this morning (6 Linnet at the feeding station). Therefore, perhaps prompted by the vis mig bird, yesterdays flock appears to have headed off north mid-morning. Please report any subsequent Twite appearance and perhaps it is really worth checking the ring status as there might be a greater chance of non-Heysham birds (see right-hand column). Thanks

Depressaria daucella was a stunning new addition to the Heysham moth list (small and brown)

Great White Egret on the shoreline by the egret roost at Leighton Moss at least 0740hrs (roosted overnight - came in very late). Still by lower hide mid-morning today. No subsequent reports.