Saturday, 2 August 2008

Ploughing through the gulls (again)

Heysham Obs
Apologies to G Morgan & R Carter for late entries - the sheet of paper left in the letterbox only just passed on to me due to warden being on holiday.

Red Nab/Ocean Edge/Stage 2 outfall
A bit disappointing given the optimum stage of the incoming tide & onshore wind
Little Gull - just the 2nd S moulting to adult seen
Med. Gull - 2 winter adult (possibly 2nd S ->3rd W having now lost all the old primaries??) and one juvenile
Common Gull - one juvenile
Whimbrel - one
Common Sandpiper - one
Wheatear - 2 at 1800hrs
Nothing stirring offshore in 20 mins

North harbour wall
Med Gull - adult (Czech-ringed) and juv - very mobile
Wheatear - one heliport
Whimbrel - one
Nothing stirring offshore in a further 20 minutes

5 Large White on the office buddliea is a lot for here - no other butterflies, as has been the case all week

Perhaps related to the above, was the first real sign of any proper migrant activity since 2006 - one Diamond-backed Moth, 2 Dark Sword Grass and 3 Silver Y out of a catch which was poor in numbers (c75) but also included the first Six-striped Rustic and Orange Swift of the year

Ad Yellow-legged Gull Glasson but 'nothing' with small waders i.e. c750 Dunlin. Later 1,100 Dunlin gone through at Sunderland, either on mudflats or at the sides of the main channel & they included a moulting adult Sanderling and Knot. Dark Sword Grass in High Tatham moth trap