Tuesday, 26 December 2006

26th whistle stop tour

Heysham Obs
Quick visit

12 Shag left in the harbour

1st W Med Gull north wall but no sign of the adult since it scoffed a huge piece of coriander-infused Rossisky (Russian) rye bread yesterday afternoon

Welcome 1st W Little Gull on Heysham 2 outfall on the early stages of the incoming tide

5 Kittiwake in SW corner of the harbour

Single Twite on the quay in SW corner of the harbour - a ringed bird but only metal ring seen.

From Ian Hartley: Jack Snipe flushed from Ocean Edge saltmarsh on the rising tide - please ask at reception before you cut through the caravan site to view this area


Waxwing: Bare-Slyne footpath: Original observer saw it at 1515hours (same time as myself yesterday) but not there in the morning today

Nothing of interest on Pine Lake, Skerton Weir, Lune by the tip & no Brambling on the Swarth dale road but Tree Sparrows seen after 5 seconds at Heaton village (lower) feeders.

2 Greenshank on the Eric Morecambe pool 'flood' (eastern end - best viewed from the crag road)