Monday, 18 June 2007

Rushed WeBS count

Heysham Obs
"Dashing" back A590-style from the Hudsonian Whimbrel (well worth seeing at Biggar, 'middle' Walney Island) to do a quick WeBS saw the only loggable birds of the day.....or bird:

Shag - juvenile on the wooden jetty
Black Guillemot - no sign but the Pilot Boat was around during the short visit
Swallow 'blogging' along north wall - are they nesting in one of the harbour buildings?
Swallow always along SHW and are probably nesting nearby somewhere in the Power Station.

Middleton IE
Very marginal weather saw a Swallow 'flush' a male Red-veined Darter for a short flight. 3 brief sightings of Black-tailed Skimmer, but not really sunny enough despite 18.5 degrees on car temperature guide

Described as 'ominous' by the warden, the final sighting of the White-tailed Plover was heading towards the Slag Tips before being 'lost' at 2040hrs YESTERDAY as viewed from the Crag watchpoint. NO reports today but surely saturation coverage (or appearance elsewhere!) needed to make any pronouncements on departure