Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Twite ringing

North Harbour Wall

Twite c25 - 23 trapped including 16 retraps and 7 unringed.
Linnet 1 trapped

The 16 retraps of Twite involved: three ringed earlier in March 2009, one from 4/2/09 and 8 ringed between 31/10 and 26/11/08 which have not been retrapped until today. This leaves just four birds which have been retrapped on previous occasions (all 08): one ringed on 31/10 retrapped on 26/11, one ringed 31/10 retrapped 16/11, one ringed 5/11 retrapped 26/11. The most interesting was one ringed on 12/2/08 which was retrapped on 31/10/08. This fits in with the previous pattern of retraps, suggesting a wide-ranging population which 'sometimes' visits the Heysham food source. See article on North Lancs Ringing Group site (via Links)