Monday, 1 October 2007

'Difficult' vis, few grounded birds

Heysham Obs
Vis made a little difficult by a nearby generator combined with many of the birds being very high. The main species which was underestimated was probably alba Wagtail with a lot of fast-moving intermittently calling birds. The majority of the vis, unlike yesterday, comprised 'cross-bay' birds from the north-west to south east and therefore thrush species and Chaffinch were in much lower numbers. Redpoll were interesting. Very used to Lesser Redpoll flying over this site (especially spring) and there was a definite contrast between the 6 which accompaned Goldfinch = 'typical Lesser calls' and the more staccato, harsher, lower-pitched calls from the birds arriving flying very high from across the Bay with Meadow Pipit and alba Wagtail. Again, they appeared to be on the large side but no detail could be seen on them. Tape lure?....but a lot of effort for the possibility of one-two birds per hour at best.

Vis by the office 0745-1100 (NW to SE unless specified)
Meadow Pipit - 245
Redpoll - 6 definite Lesser (flock with Goldfinch) and 2+1+3+4 unspec.
Grey Wagtail - 3+1+1+1
alba Wagtail - 57
Chaffinch - 87 SW
Greenfinch - 59 SW
Song Thrush - 5
Swallow - 31
Linnet - 44
Goldfinch - 44
Collared Dove 1+3
Siskin - 1+2+1
Bullfinch - a singleton high to the south
Redwing - just 2+1 SW
Woodpigeon - 16
House Sparrow - 1+1 south
Jay - 2 south
Great Tit - 2 south
Starling - 52
Kestrel - 1 south
Sparrowhawk - 1SE
Coal Tit - 1+1+1 high to the south
Skylark - just 1

Very little but 2 new Chiffchaff were ringed and a White Wagtail was on the NHW mound. Male Stonechat on Middleton IE

23 Tufted Duck on the IE model boat pond
At least 3 2nd W Med Gulls NH wall
Guillemot in harbour

At least 3 Migrant Hawker on the reserve along with several Common Darter and a geriatric Large White

Great Grey Shrike and Great White Egret still Leighton Moss along with a juv Marsh Harrier. Little Stint on the Kent Estuary