Saturday, 30 June 2007

No sign...............

Heysham Obs
wooden jetty/harbour area
Black Guillemot: Two seen on at least two occasions during the day on the sea next to the wooden jetty
Shag: Juv at long range in the inner harbour
Gulls: One of the argenteus Herring Gulls feeding under the intake pipe had a sheen of an oily substance (c/f the Shag yesterday??) making the flight feathers look superficially darker grey...........

Yellow-tail, Grey Pug and Smoky Wainscot were new for the year in the trap. Four Double Dart reflects that this species is relatively common at Heysham, unlike anywhere else in the area or indeed national status. A worn Small Clouded Brindle was rather late. In general, numbers of common species are rather low but the number of species has been pretty good

Unsurprisingly, proof of breeding of Little Ringed Plover on the new 'borrow pits' near Freemans Wood (one young seen). Otherwise pretty desperate with key observers unable to go on the prowl - three of us often use it as a working 'away day' due to clearer motorway etc. travel to and from sites. In relation to a recent posting about reduced Swift numbers [LDBWS site], contradicted at least by the Freehold breeding population, there were THREE on the whole of the Dockacres gravel pits in ideal Swift conditions this afternoon

Friday, 29 June 2007

Mysterious large gulls

Heysham Obs
A (very) routine day, with a missed opportunity for some reasonable early morning seawatching, was rudely interrupted by a late afternoon message concerning a 1st W American Herring Gull and (ad?) Yellow-legged Gull which were seen in Heysham Harbour about 1315hrs (the AHG flew towards the outfalls). This is a copy of what I have posted on the LDBWS site:

Before the speculation starts................
a) This bird was reported by person(s) unknown to a bird information source - lets choose the words carefully - which was not one of the usual ones used by inexperienced birders. The same report also included a Yellow-legged Gull

b) The immature large gulls around Heysham have not been checked thoroughly recently - they are also scattered all over on rooftops, mainly on the old Fishers corrugated roof

c) The first known check was some 2-3 hours after the report by which time the tide had dropped. This concentrated some gulls on the outfalls and Power Station intake - the bird was not with them - but also scattered many far and wide on distant skeers off Heysham etc.

d) Therefore I would not dismiss this record (or the YLG) out of hand

e) I personally have no time to properly search tomorrow = working day (or this evening after typing this - I had to be in High Bentham by 1830hrs, therefore had to leave the site).

A 30 minute seawatch was carried out between 0925 and 0955 = too late as the weather cleared and a further short period from a visiting birder around lunchtime:

Gannet: c15 out
Fulmar: 1, possibly 2 out

Wooden jetty/harbour
Black Guillemot - two either on the water below or sitting on the middle section of the wooden jetty
Shag - a 1st W unable to lift itself properly off the water made its way out of the harbour and 'crawled' on to the lower stanchions of the wooden jetty to dry its wings. The secondaries appeared to be 'matted', hopefully not an encounter with a film of diesel or similar. Later it or the other recently seen 1st W was sat on the top tier of the jetty with the Cormorants

Silent Wood Warbler still visible in treetops around Tower Lodge, Trough of Bowland. Cuckoo at Aldcliffe unusual

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Black Guillemot connection at last!

Heysham Obs
Wooden jetty/harbour/seawatch
Pair of Black Guillemot all day around the wooden jetty and nearby water. When on the jetty, they tend to sit on the middle section near "No 9". Juv Shag on the jetty afternoon only.

Sea 0850-0920
Flock of 5 Gannet and 2-3 Manx Shearwater, none of which were troubling Lancashire airspace! Closer inshore, a single adult Kittiwake flew into the Bay
Remaining longer into the evening/incoming tide stood a good chance of Storm Petrel - anyone there?

Two Arctic Tern in late afternoon were the first of the day, reflecting the demise of the Lune colonies. No Meds seen and rather low numbers of Black-headed Gull at high tide (c156)

The rather local Broad-barred White made its second appearance of the year in the trap. A couple of Dog's Tooth in recent days - this species is very common on local saltmarshes

Two Spoonbill again at Leighton Moss & area along with the adult summer Spotted Redshank on the EM Pools

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

seabirds missed?

Heysham Obs
If anyone managed to do any seawatching on the morning tide, results gratefully received. Thanks

One Gannet flew out of the Bay past the Stone Jetty this morning during a short pre-work seawatch, otherwise the only sighting was 'at least one Black Guillemot by the wooden jetty' around lunchtime

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

First Green Sand of the autumn

Heysham Obs
This was a day where a few bits and bobs could be 'squeezed out' notably location of rather lethargic dragonflies in sunny conditions, but barely 14C! It was the authors fifth unsuccessful attempt to see the pair of Black Guillemot - exclusively late afternoon!

Wooden jetty/harbour area
The pair of Black Guillemot were seen in the morning at c1030 but could not be located late afternoon. One juv Shag was on the jetty late afternoon

Heysham NR
A Green Sandpiper flew from the NR marsh towards the (ex)Obs Tower pond late afternoon. At least three singing male Lesser Whitethroat on British Energy property.

3 mature male and a probable sluggish female rather than teneral Red-veined Darter along the western shore of the model boat pond. One male spent a very short time over the water. At least 7 similarly sluggish Black-tailed Skimmer including two 'in cop'. The first Brown Hawker of the year was along the sheltered Moneyclose Lane

Grey Seal harbour entrance late afternoon

A non-singing Wood Warbler seen at Tower Lodge (three singing males this week at Outhwaite Wood). Long-eared Owls were notable up the Leck Fell road this evening with at least 4 young in the top plantation [2 showing along the eastern side, viewed from the road about 300m beyond/above the end of the plantation] and at least three in the lower [one seen briefly] and a sighting of two adults, one from each plantation

Monday, 25 June 2007

They are still here.....

Heysham Obs
Two Black Guillemot and at least one juv Shag reorted by visitors around the harbour entrance/wooden jetty. Thanks.

Only had time to check outfalls on dropping tide and that is the worst time with gulls scattered far and wide. Anyone time to check for the ringed Med & read it this evening? Thanks.

TWO Spoonbill on the pager for EM Pool. Returning Green Sandpiper Aldcliffe

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Darvic ringed Med new in

Heysham Obs
Early morning visit
harbour/wooden jetty
Black Guillemot - 2 showing well
Shag - 2 juvs

Sandwich Tern - 3

Evening visit
Red Nab
Mediterranean gull 2nd summer - full black hood and red bill, white mirrors on black primaries, only seen at rest. Ringed LL metal RL white with black digits, lower leg. PLEASE try and read this - the 'black on white' darvics are the easiest. I'll have a go tomorrow but a good idea to have a 50 x with you when visiting this site in the next month as the Meds build up

Black-headed gull 265 at roost
Red-breasted merganser 2
Shelduck 5
Curlew 37

Black guillemot 2
Shag juv
Sandwich tern min. 10 blogging
Gannet 7 blogging - very unusual in the evening - fish shoal? Most probably as the Sandwich tern and c40 large gulls were active there in a relatively small area.
Turnstone 1 wooden jetty

Blackcap female/immature in bush at gate 38!

Spoonbill Allen/Em Pools.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Heysham obs

Heysham Obs
Evening visit foreshore areas
Black guillemot - 1 on sea below wooden jetty (3 reported on the pager in the morning)
Shag 2 juv on wooden jetty
Black-headed gull 312 roosting off Ocean Edge.
Redshank 1 wooden jetty

Broad-bodied Chaser and an identified teneral darter, possibly Red-veined, at Middleton during unhelpful weather

Spotted Redshank still at Conder, Spoonbill EM Pool (also seen yesterday and decribed as 'imm'). Short-eared Owl as well as at least two ad Long-eared Owl seen on Leck Fell from c2140hrs, but young not cooperative, mainly calling from the centre/far side of the plantations (4+).

Friday, 22 June 2007

Black guillemot display

Heysham Obs
Harbour/wooden jetty area
Two Black Guillemot present at least most of the day [present for at least a week]. Close together on the sea below the wooden jetty and quite close to the south harbour wall. The slightly larger of the two (white wing patches distinctly larger), presumably the male was making up and down neck and bill movements with the bill frequently opening and closing showing well the red gape (vermilion in text book), at the same time issuing a high pitch 'whistling' (text book again). There is another out of range displaying pair at a harbour (Fishguard). The more products of harbour hole nesting (e.g. Bangor Co Down) reach maturity and disperse, the more suitable Heysham Harbour looks as a potential site to colonise. Early days though and surely too late this season. The biggest threat are probably the monofilament nets which are set fairly close by.

Shag juv on wooden jetty.

Red Nab/Ocean Edge area
236 Black-headed Gull included a 1st summer Med Gull around high tide (early evening)

FIVE male Red-veined Darter on the model boat pond during a short period of sunshine in the early afternoon. Common Footman and Straw Dot new for the year in the moth trap

Brown Rat on rocks below wooden jetty.
Whitish rabbit at entrance to Obs. for the last week or so

New in was a adult summer Spotted Redshank at Conder Green (wintering bird??).

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Red-veined Darter again in rather inclement weather

Heysham Obs
2 Black Guillemot on wooden jetty late pm

Middleton IE
At least one Red-veined Darter on the model boat pond (thanks Steve)

Nothing new reported. Single adult and at least 5 young LEO seen/heard on Leck Fell 2130-2200hrs in worsening weather [last two (uphill) plantations on left as viewed from road on SE side of valley].

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

They're back and almost creating a little Atlas dot!

Heysham Obs
Harbour area/outfalls
The pair of adult Black Guillemot were again around the harbour entrance. Two juvenile Shag were on the wooden jetty. Thanks for these Lou. A visit to the Ocean Edge side at high tide failed to produce a single worthwhile sighting, despite 75 Black-headed Gull on Red Nab

Middleton IE
As was the case nearby yesterday, two newly-arrived singing male Reed Warbler. One of these was an expressive individual with a section of the song being quite fast, high and multi-notated before returning to the usual 'chug- chug chug-chug'. This is why 'possible' Marsh Warblers are claimed.

'Good practice' isn't much use if you dont switch it on again - nil moths! However, blended tungsten-ballasted MV bulbs have had a habit of blowing during thundery conditions in the past, especially if the door is opened, creating a sudden pressure change, whilst the thunderstorm is still in the area. Anyone explain this?

"Quite a few" (20+) Red Admiral butteflies around

Three male Red-veined Darter during sub-optimal windy conditions on Middleton IE - this DOES suggest there are quite a lot but when are we going to get good flying conditions to do a proper count? There was also a teneral which appeared to be Red-veined. At least 9 Black-tailed Skimmer. All on 'model boat pond' = first pond you come to. on the right after the entrance

5 young Long-eared Owl calling in the top left-hand two plantations on Leck Fell (road on SE side), also at least one adult seen. Best after 2130hrs.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Swift sensation

Heysham Obs
North wall/wooden jetty
Swift 126 in-off over Heysham 2 continuing inland 1850 - 2005 hrs.
Shag juv wooden jetty
Starling c300 pre roost at Harbour
Herring gull at nest with young in Harbour on one of platforms near intake. Several on buildings around the Power Station/harbour/Middleton IE [LBBG in the majority] but ground nesting unusual. The main site (the old Pontins roof) has become unavailable so there is presumably some 'readjustment' going on on the reduced number of rooftops etc! Time to census them?

1st S Med. Gull
2 Arctic and one distant 'comic' tern

Two male and a teneral Red-veined Darter during a very brief period of sunlight at the Middleton model boat pond. Also 4 Black-tailed Skimmer.
Dragonfly sp. 'out' West over sea. Brown China Mark new for the year in the moth trap.

Back to zilch reported!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Rushed WeBS count

Heysham Obs
"Dashing" back A590-style from the Hudsonian Whimbrel (well worth seeing at Biggar, 'middle' Walney Island) to do a quick WeBS saw the only loggable birds of the day.....or bird:

Shag - juvenile on the wooden jetty
Black Guillemot - no sign but the Pilot Boat was around during the short visit
Swallow 'blogging' along north wall - are they nesting in one of the harbour buildings?
Swallow always along SHW and are probably nesting nearby somewhere in the Power Station.

Middleton IE
Very marginal weather saw a Swallow 'flush' a male Red-veined Darter for a short flight. 3 brief sightings of Black-tailed Skimmer, but not really sunny enough despite 18.5 degrees on car temperature guide

Described as 'ominous' by the warden, the final sighting of the White-tailed Plover was heading towards the Slag Tips before being 'lost' at 2040hrs YESTERDAY as viewed from the Crag watchpoint. NO reports today but surely saturation coverage (or appearance elsewhere!) needed to make any pronouncements on departure

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Bits and pieces of coverage

Last Sunday's census just received: The fine weather came too late in the day today for RVD unless someone can contradict?

Middleton IE
RED-VEINED DARTER - 3 mature males and two tenerals on model boat pond. NO suitable weather to check since!
Black-tailed Skimmer - 27 male & 7 female
Emperor - 17 male, 5 female
4-spotted Chaser - 73

BE properties
Emperor - one on reserve, 3 on dog pond (inc ovi. female)
4-spotted Chaser - 7 on reserve, 11 on dog pond (no sign Broad-bodied Chaser)

Todays birds at Heysham
Just a report of a rapid year-listing visit for Black Guillemot = one bird seen before rapid brownie-point departure! Single Arctic Tern and juv Shag seen on another brief visit

100+ in trap including Peach Blossom, Eyed Hawk-moth & a Rustic/Uncertain to be identified!

White-tailed Plover - the 'event' went well as there were no 'bottlenecks' with the bird disappearing for hours. Visible at greater or slightly lesser range from th 'triangle' or the causeway for most if not all the day [Leighton Moss]. Three 1st S Med. Gulls on the Lune Estuary - THE gull hotspot at this time along with Heysham outfalls (and perhaps the Lune at Aldcliffe!)

Saturday, 16 June 2007

What a very unexpected and welcome day!

Heysham Obs
Today was like a time-warp of a reasonable day in late April!

Wooden jetty/harbour

Black Guillemot: 2 on wooden jetty & later searching all the nooks and crannies for a suitable nest site. Surely too late this year..........

.......these two young love birds don't think so!

Shag: 2 juv on the wooden jetty

Other morning observations
Sandwich Tern & 2 Common Tern Heysham 2 outfall
Red-breasted merganser pair off Red Nab
Ringed plover 2 Red Nab#
Gannet - 2 in
Med. Gull: 1st summer outfalls area

Over/just after the high tide
Between 13:00 and 14:30:
Black Guillemots, both still showing well.
Arctic Skua, 2 probables (both dark) and one certain (also dark). Probably three birds, but at least two; one landed on the sea and was lost - later one seen and while watching it through the 'scope it joined the two Poms, buzzed them and flew into the bay with them.
Pomarine Skua - 2 pale morph into bay high, and continued in.
Little Gull 2 adults north
Sandwich Tern 5 blogging
Mediterranean Gull 1 1st Summer off harbour wall
Gannet 2 north
Kittiwake flock of 19 going out
Shag 2 still on wooden jetty

White-tailed Plover Leighton Moss - available most of the day but usually distant

Friday, 15 June 2007

Heysham outfalls

Evening low tide.
Terns - 12 in total mainly on rocks at end of Heysham 2. When in flight 3 common & 1 arctic were identified.

Sand martin 1 NE over harbour and along NHW 1815 hrs.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Heysham outfalls & Red Nab

Heysham Obs
Mediterranean gull 2 1st S (both had full tail bars, different to 1st S on the 2/6)
Kittiwake adult
Arctic tern 2
Red-brested merganser female
Ringed plover 3 Red Nab + 1 non-op land & 1 on Helipad
Black-headed gull juv still present

A good little trip to Fair Isle took a new dimension today with a big 'wow' factor as a glance at a Purple Sand on the tideline revealed a bobbing tail on a nearby bird otherwise rather well-camouflaged against the shingle beach.........a TEREK! Usual headless chicken response helped when the first person encountered said 'shall I phone the obs' in a manner suggesting a regular routine! Orange mobiles dont work here.


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Heysham outfalls

Mediterranean gull 2 first summer
Arctic tern 4
Common tern 2
Black-headed gull c300 + 1 juv
Common gull min.50
Shag juv on wooden jetty

Figure of Eighty was the most unusual moth. Heart and Dart and Shoulder-striped Wainscot (the latter now a UK Priority species) were the most abundant (30+ of each).

Monday, 11 June 2007

first definite Red-veined Darter of the year & new moth species

Lime Hawkmoth - new, but overdue species, for the reserve.

Chamomile Shark - not new for the reserve but a more unusual species.

An Eyed Hawkmoth unfortunately got away before a photo could be taken of it!


Middleton Industrial Estate:

Red-veined Darter at Middleton Industrial Estate Model Boat Pond. Another located elsewhere on the site as well.

6 spot Burnet moths and Narrow-bordered 5 spot Burnet moths, newly emerged. Thousands at Middleton.

Masses of Common Blue Damselflies

Gangs of Bee Orchids

Leighton Moss: Spooonbill at Eric Morecambe Pool.

Fair Isle: River Warbler located by Mark Breaks as he was extracting a Red Admiral butterfly from the catching box of a Heligoland Trap. The bird flew into a nearby mist net whence it was also seen by the ''blogmaster"(on Fair Isle)........................along with Lesser Grey Shrike, 3-4 Red-backed Shrike, Common Rosefinch, Iceland Gull & a pod of Killer Whale

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Heysham obs
1 Kittiwake on the outfalls and 3 further out.
2 Sandwich Tern also on the outfalls.

Middleton IE
RED-VEINED DARTER - 3 mature males and two tenerals on model boat pond. NO suitable weather to check since!
Black-tailed Skimmer - 27 male & 7 female
Emperor - 17 male, 5 female
4-spotted Chaser - 73

BE properties
Emperor - one on reserve, 3 on dog pond (inc ovi. female)
4-spotted Chaser - 7 on reserve, 11 on dog pond (no sign Broad-bodied Chaser)


Cheating a bit as this photo was taken at Caerlaverock, but it's the same bird:

WHITE TAILED PLOVER on the Eric Morecambe Pool at 5pm. Chased off by a Redshank at 6pm and flew fairly high north. Appeared to drop in height but then was out of view - possibly dropped onto main Leighton Moss reserve. A search commenced but negative so far.

Wood Warbler still at Tower Lodge.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

The sound of silence

Heysham Obs
Kittiwake on the outfalls.
No news from the rest of the area!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Tiny migrant moth

Heysham Obs
The smallest contribution of the year concerned a single example of the migrant Diamond-back Moth in the hut trap - the first of the year.

Bird coverage involved checking out a Ringed Plover nest (4 eggs) on the BE properties

Spoonbill Leighton Moss and Wood Warbler Tower Lodge. Long-tailed Duck & Egyptian Goose Halforth, Kent Estuary

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Autumnal gulls!

Satin Wave - thanks Reuben

Heysham Obs
The gull numbers are starting to build up on the outfalls with c340 Black-headed Gull, including several adults. First summer Common Gull numbered about 40. With them:

Med Gull: 1st S and 1st W on tideline off Red Nab
Common Tern - one on outfalls

Middleton IE
A recently fledged Grasshopper Warbler clambering about in Ox-eye daisies!

New moths for the year in the hut trap included the local SATIN WAVE as well as Rivulet and Dusky Brocade. No sign of Broad-bodied Chaser in intermittent sunshire & checks of Middleton model boat pond coincided with cloud cover!

Two Little Gull Leighton Moss. Two lots (of two?) young Long-eared Owls on Leck Fell but not showing this evening. View only from the road

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Carbon footprint time

.....subtitled 'the ghost of 1975 laid to rest'. The White-tailed Plover leaves just three to go on the British wader list (Caspian & Mongolian Plovers, Cream-coloured Courser........assuming Eskimo Curlew is extinct)

Heysham Obs
No known coverage of the outfalls or wooden jetty area. Any day now should see the start of a build up of returning Black-headed Gulls and the early returnees always contain a good sprinkling of Med Gulls with several double-figure counts in the last two years by July

Female BROAD-BODIED CHASER Nature reserve marsh this lunchtime - this is the rarest of the resident dragonflies in this area with no well-established site as yet

Painted Lady on reserve - influx at present - please report all sightings

Yet another Shaded Pug in the moth trap

Spoonbill and two 1st S Little Gulls at Leighton Moss. Male Broad-bodied Chaser at Woodwell

Disappointing dragonflies

Heysham Obs
The only bird records of note today were: a Reed Warbler singing for a short period in Middleton IE central marsh and the continued presence of 3 Jackdaw around the model boat pond. NNEW from the outfalls and area

Lime-speck Pug new for the year

Four-spotted Chaser: c35 in Middleton IE new scrape with c20 on the remaider of the site. At least 5 on the Nature reserve/dog pond.
Emperor: 8 male and a single ovipositing female on Middleton IE and two males on the dog pond along with a single in the NR marsh
Black-tailed Skimmer: 4-5 male and one female in 'cop' on the model boat pond Middleton IE

No sign of any red darter spp or Broad-bodied Chaser

Several hundred Southern Marsh Orchid and several Bee Orchid at Middleton IE, a few Bee Orchid along the Landscape Strip dog-walk along with Yellow-wort

Ad Med Gull feeding in pasture with BH Gull near Cross of Greet bridge at 2200 (!) hrs. Note that TWO highly unseasonal Long-tailed Duck were seen heading into Morecambe Bay from Walney early this morning

Monday, 4 June 2007

Inconclusive dragonfly vigil

Heysham Obs
No coastal birding today for a change!

A thorough breeding bird CBC-style census carried out on the Nature reserveand Landscape Strip highlighted by the first breeding Reed Bunting for a year or two on the reserve, at least one singing male Reed Warbler and two singing male Lesser Whitethroat in full voice again after a 'break'.

A disappointing by-product of the bird survey was once again the complete lack of Wall Brown which seems to have suddenly 'crashed' around here. A Red Admiral was in rapid transit north over the model boat pond

A lunchtime vigil on the model boat pond on Middleton IE saw very unhelpful cloud managing to find the sun! Nevertheless a reasonable burst of sunshine saw 4-5 male Black-tailed Skimmer and an immature male RED DARTER spp which appeared to be Red-veined. Two Emperor were on the dog-walk pond and a 4-spotted Chaser had managed to find the '6 million dollar pond' in the Nature park.

Spectacle was new for the year in the trap as was a Mother Shipton seen by the model boat pond

One adult and squeaking juvenile Long-eared Owl up Leck Fell - last plantation on left. Stay on road, please. Wood Warbler still singing at Tower Lodge.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

More Black-tailed Skimmer

Heysham Obs
The only bird observations worth noting (so far?) were:

Med Gull - 1st summer on the outfalls late afternoon - this bird has at least one 2nd W tail feather, therefore two have been around in the last fortnight or so
Grasshopper Warbler - two singing males on the IE this morning

Dull but humid conditions brought out an almost full quota of 4-spotted Chaser with 22+ on the IE and 8 on the dog-walk pond. Emperor, however, inhibited by the conditions but singles were seen on the dog pond and IE central marsh pond. THREE Black-tailed Skimmer on the model boat pond but conditions not sunny enough for any chance of early Red-veined Darter (assuming they did not all emerge on a 'ticket to nowhere' last autumn after the hot 2006 summer)

Quality local rarity in the form of Yellow-barred Brindle - only the second or third for the site. More mundane year ticks included Clouded Border and Middle-barred Minor. Three further Shaded Pug were notable and a single Small Clouded Brindle was welcome

Two near misses for the all-time Heysham Obs list (Spoonbill) were replaced on Bowie's Pool by two others today in the form of two Avocet! It is really about time these species occured within visual range of Heysham. Wood Warbler still at Tower Lodge

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Migrant butterflies

Heysham Obs
Outfalls/harbour area morning
Single Common and four Arctic Tern
Shag - at least one juv

Evening update
Mediterranean gull 1st summer Heysham 1 & 2 outfalls
Arctic tern 10 + 2 Common off end of No. 2

Middleton IE
Now THREE Jackdaw!

Two Painted Lady and a tatty Red Admiral
Emperor patrolling the model boat pond (probably additional to yesterday)

Two Spoonbill on nearby Bowie's Pool, Sunderland, early afternoon at least. A single was reported at Leighton Moss in the morning but no known sightings after the Sunderland birds seen. NNEW on Lan Uni Black Redstart or Tower Lodge Wood Warbler. Pair Arctic tern on Lune at Sunderland + 26 Eider, c200 Dunlin. Adult & at least one 'squeaky gate' young Long-eared Owl up Leck Fell this evening. The adult flew out of the top left plantation, the young was/were in the next plantation down. Please stay on the road and do not enter enclosed fields which are not part of the "right to roam'' designation as is also the case with the plantations. Thanks.

Friday, 1 June 2007

First decent dragonfly day, notably Black-tailed Skimmer

Heysham Obs
Predictably little with 4 Arctic Terns on the outfalls early on and one flying into the bay later. No Shag seen and no obvious sign of the Rock Pipit. Three Swallows flew north in about 2.5 hours of observation!

Evening visit
Shag 2 wooden jetty
Arctic tern 6 off No. 1 outfall
Sandwich tern 2 blogging
Ringed plover Red Nab
Long-tailed tit 6 Nature Park
Linnet 2m 1f on mound

Nature reserve
TWO singing male Reed Warbler in the reserve reedbed

Middleton IE
Jackdaw - 2 of this scarce Heysham bird on the shoreline of the model boat pond
Canada Goose - a singleton of this thankfully scarce Heysham bird on the model boat pond
Tufted Duck - pair on the No Swimming pond
Little Grebe - Pair with 4 smallish young on the No Swimming pond (4+ other pairs on this site)

Male Emperors recorded singly on the Middleton IE new scrape & fence pond and on BE properties on the 'dog walk' pond & Nature Reserve marsh

Immature male Black-tailed Skimmer on the model boat pond was much earlier than the previous two years

Four-spotted Chaser - c30 on Middleton and two on the 'dog-walk' pond

Common Blue, Azure, Large Red and Blue-tailed Damselflies all seen

Large Skipper was early BUT NO Wall Brown seen on the census yesterday or during todays more casual check. Please record all individuals you will hopefully come across. Thanks.

Female-type Black Redstart showed reliably at Lancaster University until about 1100hrs opposite the Sports centre then was seen about 1800hrs on the rooftop of the nearby hotel (c250m to the west over the other side of the 'ring road'). At least one Spoonbill reported at Leighton Moss. Singing male Wood Warbler still in the Trough of Bowland at Tower Lodge this afternoon along with several Spotted Flycatcher. 100+ Sanderling in the high tide roost at Cockersands Point this lunchtime