Sunday, 17 June 2007

Bits and pieces of coverage

Last Sunday's census just received: The fine weather came too late in the day today for RVD unless someone can contradict?

Middleton IE
RED-VEINED DARTER - 3 mature males and two tenerals on model boat pond. NO suitable weather to check since!
Black-tailed Skimmer - 27 male & 7 female
Emperor - 17 male, 5 female
4-spotted Chaser - 73

BE properties
Emperor - one on reserve, 3 on dog pond (inc ovi. female)
4-spotted Chaser - 7 on reserve, 11 on dog pond (no sign Broad-bodied Chaser)

Todays birds at Heysham
Just a report of a rapid year-listing visit for Black Guillemot = one bird seen before rapid brownie-point departure! Single Arctic Tern and juv Shag seen on another brief visit

100+ in trap including Peach Blossom, Eyed Hawk-moth & a Rustic/Uncertain to be identified!

White-tailed Plover - the 'event' went well as there were no 'bottlenecks' with the bird disappearing for hours. Visible at greater or slightly lesser range from th 'triangle' or the causeway for most if not all the day [Leighton Moss]. Three 1st S Med. Gulls on the Lune Estuary - THE gull hotspot at this time along with Heysham outfalls (and perhaps the Lune at Aldcliffe!)