Saturday, 11 February 2012

The seabirds continue to slip away

Heysham Obs
The Shags are at last beginning to depart with Kittiwakes reduced to just one individual today

Med Gull - two adults
Shag - absolute maximum of 5
Kittiwake - 1
Twite - 24, but very flighty
Purple Sandpiper - at least one

Heysham NR
Chaffinch - one with what appears to be someone elses ring (R877817) but havnt got access to IPMR to check.  Later news: no it isn't but one of ours ringed in 2005 and not seen since!
Blackbird - either an influx or birds targeting the softer ground of the churned up verges where Moneyclose lane has been resurfaced - looking at the number of unringed birds, probably the former with the birds using the latter!  22 were seen on a vist to Ocean Edge mid-afternoon