Thursday, 20 March 2008

A Tale of Two Twite

Heysham Obs
An earlyish morning circuit with the tide slopping over the various seawalls produced nothing worth logging other than two windblown Twite on the nyger seed by the sandworks entrance. This included a 30 minute, 3 LBBG seawatch. A second (afternoon) circuit did not even produce any Twite. No moths in the trap.

3 ad Med Gulls passed through Pine Lake with 350+ other gulls this late afternoon. Two were together and the one on its own appeared to have a white darvic, surprising as I would have thought Dutch ads would have been back on territory by now. Goodness knows what is going to happen to all the Sand Martins (e.g. 25 Pine lake late pm) in the next few days as insects will be at a premium and wind-chill pretty excessive. As regards human behaviour - why not build up brownie points at home in what is surely going to be a static weekend as regards anticipation of sudden break-outs needed later in the spring/year?