Sunday, 3 January 2010

Pinks wander into our airspace

Heysham Obs
Pink-footed Geese are usually on the (migratory) move when seen over the recording area. However 1000+ seen today were clearly the Lune birds having a bit of a wander over the eastern airspace as they tend to do after the turn of the year. More snow difficulties likely at home this week from Tuesday onwards, so please try and keep the daily sightings going in the meantime. Thanks (Pete).

Middleton IE 0900-0930
The above, which appeared to land along the bypass in 6 separate flocks, plus 69 high to the south

North Harbour Wall
Twite - 9 only on the feeding area - lot of disturbance today, 25 later in the afternoon after the tide
Med Gull - 2 adults around harbour mouth, later along north wall (including Czech-ringed bird)
A careful check was made for Purple Sand on the incoming tide but could only find 4 Turnstone on the wooden jetty. Where are they (& the rest of the Turnstone)?

Reed Bunting - 3 around southern end of grassed area

Short-eared Owl still Bank End area. 6 Bewick's Swan in transit Jeremy Lane area. LOADS of duck on Pine lake but a quick check revealed nothing unusual. 4 Snow and 3 Barnacle Geese still Aldcliffe (per pager).