Saturday, 30 August 2008

Another terrestrial & aerial day

Heysham Obs
A bit of vis this morning, notably Swallow

Middleton IE vis mig passage
Tree Pipit - 1 SW
Meadow Pipit - 5 SE
Linnet - 1 SE
Raven - one high to the NE (first record for a bit)
Swallow - c150 SE
House Martin - 15 SE
alba Wagtail (first evidence of movement as opposed to loafing around) - 18 SE
Grey Wagtail - 8 SE (4 colour ringed)
a lot of blogging Goldfinch may have included some movement

Grounded migrants
Wheatear - 13 coastal birds
Willow Warbler - c10 reserve/dog walk track & 4 ringed Middleton
Whitethroat - just the one ringed at Middleton - the only one seen!

Middleton IE
Tufted Duck - 5
Pochard - 1
Shoveler - late news for yesterday - 4 flying over Middleton

The first Spruce Carpet for here - surely the last of the easy moths missing from the Heysham list. Also 6 Silver Y and a Rusty Dot Pearl on the migrant front [Gem at nearby Sunderland]. More notable residents included Red Underwing and Pinion-streaked Snout in the hut trap and Oblique Carpet in a wetland actinic trap.

Found out that the metal ringed Ad Med Gull at Broadway is indeed 36W minus the darvic - the metal ring was read on 17/8 - this bird was present today at Broadway along with a 2nd W.