Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Morecambe's Eiders pay a visit

Heysham Obs
Just 4 Shag noted in the harbour this morning and 1st W Little Gull on Heysham 1 outfall. NO obvious sign of the Meds on the north wall but the 'low/low' spring tide may have resulted in some of the Morecambe Eider appearing within view (115). More unusual off there was a flock of 20 Wigeon.

Ocean Edge saltmarsh held 11 Snipe. Observers checking on the latter stages of the incoming tide for Jack Snipe need to ask at Ocean Edge reception before traversing the site. Thanks

ELEVEN presumed littoralis Rock Pipit at Aldcliffe Lane End at high tide (see tomorrows late posting). Purple Sandpiper off the end of the Stone Jetty again this morning. 6 Sanderling reportedly there at lunchtime (there are winter-period precedents during high tides but usually when also wind-driven).

The moth trap at High Tatham contained 2 Small Brindled Beauty (at its only known location (=4 clustered tetrads in SD66) in Lancs and one of only 2 in NW England), 2 Pale Brindled Beauty, 1 Chestnut & 1 March Moth