Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fault-barred CES

Heysham Obs
Middleton CES
Predictably rather poor with a couple of juv Sedge Warblers caught with massive fault-bars on the tail, undoubtedly a product of a weather-induced pretty rough ride in the nest which presumably led to the vast majority of breeding attempts failing.  So far, our impressions are that the species which has suffered the most from the awful breeding season weather has been Whitethroat and the singleton ringed this morning does nothing to alter that.  Willow Warblers on the other hand seem to have done "OK" by comparison, no vast numbers but a steady trickle of unringed adults and juveniles.  The question was asked the other day and repeated here - where are the tit flocks - is the absence of especially Long-tailed Tit just a 'Heysham problem'?

A high tide check saw two juvenile Med Gulls on the outfalls

Purple Thorn provided the second record for the site