Thursday, 16 April 2009

Struggle against a 'blocking' wind but late afternoon Osprey saves the day

Alpine Swift
This was seen very well by Bill and Chris Ashby accompanying a single Swallow from their house overlooking the bay on Twemlow Parade. It was around at 1100hrs before heading north. This does suggest that the theories re-roosting on the power station or the cliffs at Heysham Head probably had some substance! Unfortunately the only morning observer in the area was doing a VP the wrong side of the 'Heysham ridge'

Heysham Obs
Just one hour on the north wall this morning 0730-0830 & an afternoon visit by a group of eminent Fylde birders. A bit of vis along the seawall but nothing happening offshore after a little flurry 0730-0735. The Black Guillemot was also nowhere to be seen! Some Germans were photographing the departing Moondance - apparently it is due to move to pastures new - pity it cannot take the axphixiating rust bucket West Express with it.

North harbour wall 0730-0830
Meadow Pipit - 69 NE
Linnet - 48 NE
Swallow - 7 NE (all in last 10 minutes) & about 25/hr subsequently
House Martin - 2 NE in the afternoon - first of the year for here
alba Wagtail - 5 NE
Siskin - heard once
Arctic Tern - flock of 6 'in' at 0733hrs
Common Scoter - 4 'in' 0735hrs
Purple Sandpiper - THREE under the wooden jetty

Work along Heysham bypass
Osprey - one flew over the ridge where the new housing is on Mossgate heading north and gaining height. Therefore above SD46A and therefore the Obs recording area. This was during a lull in the wind at about 1750hrs, prior to quite a cloudy and wild spell of weather with a bit of rain which apparently did not reach Lancaster!

Curlew Sandpiper Allen/EM Pools (second day), Ad Spoonbill Griesdale Hide, Leighton Moss. 11 Arctic Terns off Cockersands late afternoon but none of the significant number of Little Gulls grounded on inland waters to the south of here were seen in our area