Monday, 28 May 2012

Shaded by the pugs

North harbour wall 0445-0645
1 ad. Little Gull flying in.
3 Gannets across toward Walney & 1 out.
2 Mute Swans flew west half way across the bay then landed on the water to drift out on the ebb.

North harbour wall 0805-0835
Razorbill - 2 in close inshore, 5 in a bit further out
Arctic Tern - flock of 31 in, gaining height but not dramatically so at 0822
Black Tern - 2 with the above - would have missed them had they been on their own - really hard to see against the background of the Furness peninsula
Canada Goose - 2 in
Swallow - 23 in
Swift - 3 in together
Dunlin - 14 out (flock)

Amazingly, no heathaze, which was a real pain in the cold weather earlier in the month!

Middleton NR
Greylag - 7 on the model boat pond
Gadwall - pair, but no apparent chicks, in the central marsh
Reed Warbler - 3+ singing

A decentish moth catch by recent standards included the first three Shaded Pug of the year - a local speciality

24 Four-spotted Chaser seen Middleton during check from concrete central road also male Broad-bodied Chaser, a scarce insct at Middleton.  "A few" <10 Common Blue Damselfly over the water at the model boar pond but no sign of any larger dragonflies on there