Thursday, 17 February 2011

Barnacles on the edge and Tawny twosome

Heysham Obs
The Pink-footed Geese were in the fields along the edge of the recording area this afternoon.  Perhaps more significantly, a "large number" were heard to still be in the fields way after dusk at 1805hrs:

Pink-footed Goose - c2,500
Barnacle Goose -  2

All these easily visible from the new road to recycling centre (thanks Pete)

HNR Office & area
Greenfinch - a late afternoon visit saw an absolute minimum of 28 around the feeder - the usual mid-February influx/passage at last
Tawny Owl - immediately responded to brief tape by the entrance gate and a decision to give a quick burst of female call (when leaving at just beofer dusk) produced BOTH male and female responses!

Dotted Border in the moth trap