Friday, 18 February 2011

Pinkfoot monoculture

Heysham Obs
Very careful perusal of the flocks this morning revealed 4,650 as viewed from the new road to the recycling centre.  Ther were definitely others 'over the top' of the drumlin, but perhaps no more than 200-400.  Not even a neck-collared bird located with them & definitely no sign of yesterdays Barnacles

As already posted, a visit trying/failing to locate Little Owls at 1805hrs last night revealed that at least "a lot" of these geese remained in the fields after dark and the 'level' of the after-dark calls was very similar to that experienced this morning, suggesting similar numbers! (c/f implications with respect to adding a supplement to the turbine EIAs on both sides of the bypass - this is the first indication that geese have remained in situ after dark in this area, although it has been recorded several times around Pilling)

WeBS count
Nothing unexpected with the highlights
Jack Snipe - one flushed off OE saltmarsh
Med Gull - 2 ads roosting on Fisher's roof
Purple Sandpiper - (eventually) two showed on the wooden jetty