Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cool north-westerly blast

Heysham Obs
North wall/Red Nab/outfalls
30 minutes early morning on either side of the harbour +/- reading the paper logged a negative for Black Guillemot (a lot of boat/dredger disturbance), a distant Cumbrian Gannet and absolutely nothing, albeit at an unhelpful stage of the tide, on the outfalls.

Red Nab late afternoon tide
Med Gull - moulting adult with inner primary missing on at least right wing - probably one of the two the other day
Knot - 587 in non-breeding plumage - unprecedented at this time of year - see discussion on LDBWS site via Links

Garden Carpet was new for the year (cue mirth from suburban trappers). Heart and Dart & Shoulder-striped Wainscot the most common moths at the moment

Two Crossbill over Rigg Lane, near Quernmore. NNEW Leighton area.

10th June 2008

Heysham Obs
By far and away the best record from today was a 1st summer Med Gull with a red darvic. This was on Red Nab in poor afternoon light and was impossible to read - so much so I forgot which leg it was on! Also c210 Black-headed and 6 1st S Common Gull. Black Guillemot not searched for.

A major milestone today. A Figure of 80 moth in the trap whilst I was actually there! This species has been just about annual in recent years but remain scarce in north Lancs. Dearth of Cinnabar so far this year - ragwort removal is regular in this area, including certain individuals on the reserve.

An astonishing c10,000 Knot estimated at Sunderland yesterday but no sign during long-range scans along Middleton Sands from OE foreshore at high tide. NNEW on Spoonbills from Leighton Moss.