Monday, 19 May 2008

Seabird passage covered by Tom Wheeler at JBP

Heysham Obs
No coverage, but Tom recorded the seabird passage over the HT period at JBP. Trouble is, the best time is the early stages of the incoming tide at Heysham , when JBP is still overlooking extensive mudflats

JBP recorded, single Pom. Skua (LM ad), three Arctic Skua (2 dark and one light), 70 Arctic Tern and 10 Kittiwake

Spoonbill & Osprey Leighton Moss area. Please note that this site does not publicise the whereabouts of breeding or potential breeding birds if there is a potential problem with disturbance [i.e. shouldnt be a problem with the Leck LEOs, for e.g., despite criticism from one quarter.]