Friday, 13 January 2012

The first calm day for ages!

Heysham Obs
Thanks for this, Jenny (taken by her son)
First of all, if anyone has picked a tripod up, please give me an email or text (07532433043).  Thanks.  No known check made of the Ocean Edge side today
Harbour area
Glaucous Gull - still around the waterfall at 1640hrs whilst checking for the above tripod, earlier seen on mudflats off the north wall and on the wooden jetty
Guillemot - 6
Shag - 10
Twite - 19
Kittiwake - c18   
Ringing by the office
Only two rounds possible, but these did produce a surprise in the form of an unringed Robin as well as a couple of Greenfinch and a Chaffinch.  Surprisingly no sign of any Goldfinch
Middleton NR ponds
3 mute swan, 4 coot, 8 moorhen, 1 water rail (heard only), 5 tufted duck, 2 teal
3 mallard.