Sunday, 21 November 2010

Quick whip round

Heysham Obs
The intention was to cover the mound area/harbour mouth/twite in the very short time available, prior to heading for the birdfair via the NR office, but an angler-owned 4-wheel drive, whose engine mysteriously refused to start, was blocking the single track road.  No comment.   Plan B was a trawl round the reserve.  This saw a reduced number of thrushes compared to the last check and yesterday's south-easterly unfortunately passed us by without any coverage (see Walney, Hilbre, Bardsey etc.).  Maybe the freezing cold east/north-easterlies might produce a last fling this week, but the forecast for Heysham seems to be too much north and not enough east, certainly for our most "needed" species for the BTO challenge, Black Redstart.

Reserve 0915-0945hrs
Blackbird - c30
Song Thrush - 5
Siskin - flock of 11 alder copse
Meadow Pipit - flock of 5 at the northern end of the tank farm
Skylark - 2 separately SE on 'vis mig'