Monday, 16 June 2008

Black Guillemot puzzle

Heysham Obs
Its several weeks since two Black Guillemots were seen with one perceived to be a 2nd CY. The 'resident' bird is spending a lot of time right inside a crevice on the wooden jetty before returning to the nearby water. This was observed today. What is happening?

North wall lunchtime
Black Guillemot - one as above
Med. Gull - 2nd summer, definitely the wintering 1st W of 2007/8, on the railings etc along the north wall - great photo ops. before it loses its head colour.

None flying at all at Middleton model boat pond lunchtime, not even Black-tailed Skimmer - too cool & windy

TWO Spoonbill still (or did they disappear for a few days) at Leighton Moss on Griesdale, plus 4 Little Egret. Also Osprey in area.