Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Power walking circuit

Heysham Obs
The moth trap light was accidentally left off last night - a bit of a disaster as pre-frontal weather is excellent for moths.  A walk 'around the Power Stations' from the office via the harbour/seawall/nature park/dog track & back to the office produced the following

Med Gull - ad behind ferry, juv on the mudflats
Little Gull - ad on the mudflats
Whitethroat - one in the rosebay on the south harbour wall - looks good for migrants this area as does the increasingly vegetated mound/Twite area on the other side of the harbour, also about 6 heard elsewhere
Lesser Whitethroat - one by the ofice
Wheatear - one by the wheel
Willow Warbler - 18 heard

Rather unfortunate scenario where the old metal hide used to be (and indicating the reasons for removing it) - masses of discarded fishing line, copy of the Sun, 21 lager cans, 5 fag packets, two lots of excrement and, perhaps appropriately, a discarded high-blood-pressure tablet packet