Friday, 10 August 2007

Predicting falls and airy-fairy weather forecasts

Heysham Obs
Yesterday dawned clearish and coolish with an extremely light north-easterly airflow which turned round to an equally light southerly airflow during the first 2-3 hours of daylight. This change of wind direction in slack conditions has regularly produced small falls at Heysham and yesterday was no exception. This morning was supposed to have dawned cloudy +/- a tiny amount of drizzle and a light south/south-west airflow - reasonable conditions to drop a migrant or two. Nothing of the sort: crystal clear departure weather overnight with a southerly airflow and a bank of cloud on the horizon. Result: a deathly silence in the main trapping area around the office as 'nothing' remained from yesterday and just three birds trapped, none obvious migrants (the one Lesser Whitethroat probably of local origin at this stage of the autumn). This changed slightly as the cloud arrived in late morning and appeared to drop one or two Willow Warbler and Whitethroat.

Ocean Edge/Red Nab
Little Egret, Greenshank and a flock of 21 summer/moulting Grey Plover along with a more routine adult Med Gull

Harbour area
No time to check today but BOTH Black Guillemot were in the harbour mouth yesterday

Flounced Rustic was new for the year

Reliable sources indicate that the Little Egret count in the Leighton area has reached 19 (record Lancs count) although the number easily visible i.e. feeding in viewable areas has been 12-13. Three Spoonbill still in the area. Ad Med Gull Teal Bay