Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Warm drizzly moth-fest

Heysham Obs
After turfing loads out of traps at or near home for the last month or so, it was rather ironic that the 'rarest' moth at Heysham this morning was Plain Golden Y.  A large catch included 4 each of White Satin and Dingy Footman, 2 Dingy Shears, Golden rod Pug, Latticed heath, 5 x Blackneck, what is now known as Acrobasis advenella, a massive 53 Straw Underwing (a strangely localised species and this single-night total is guaranteed to be a much larger than in the rest of VC60 combined for the whole year) and just 5 Large Yellow Underwing, a species which has been held well in check so far this year

Not a lot else happening so far!