Sunday, 29 December 2013

Coastal coverage south of the harbour

Heysham Obs
A summer plumage Guillemot in the harbour was double-checked! The male Black Redstart was seen briefly from the top of the bank by Red Nab, on the fence by the small reedbed at 0945, but only a brief check was subsequently made  through the fence - looking through double fences and my eyes don't get on.

Guillemot - 9 when first arrived, some of these had made their way out later - one in summer plumage
Little Gull - 5 - 3 2CY and 2 adult, one of the latter feeding by the waterfall in the harbour briefly.  Only one 2CY feeding on the outfalls, the rest were drifting around and 3 of them appeared to head out to sea
Kittiwake - at least 6 around, mainly in harbour
Twite - c40

Red Nab area
Black Redstart - adult male as above

Two distant red-throated diver