Sunday, 4 February 2007

The hazard of angler's lines

Heysham Obs
North harbour wall
The 1st W Med Gull had nylon line 'wrapped round its leg' (no further details = as reported to me). The adult Med Gull was also present along the north wall, with at least 4 Shag and 6 Kittiwake in the harbour. It may be possible to 'whoosh net' the Med Gull at the Twite ringing site and untangle the fishing line.

A tawny owl was heard hooting over Heysham golf course at 2350 hours - Doreen Carman

Elsewhere in the Lancaster area
50 Twite by Waterloo Cottage on the Lune Estuary (just north of Conder estuary on the east side). Med Gull 36W in the Broadway region of Morecambe foreshore. Single figures of Scaup off the north Morecambe promenade. Practically nothing else of interest reported e.g. no interesting displacements to Pine lake due to freezing conditions, a comprehensive report on the LDBWS site indicating that Leighton Moss was 'dead' and no calm sea/decent vis. distant Red-throated Divers seen from coastal vantage points. However, the forecast for the next two-three days suggests that Pine Lake is worth checking for Smew etc.

Heysham Obs 2006 report
20 taken to Leighton Moss this afternoon