Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Reasonable morning by the office retrieved or did we miss the big one?

Heysham Obs
High Tatham dawned with rain and a slow start was exacerbated by a Lune valley tractor convoy in weather which was looking better by the minute as Heysham was approached.  The nets next to the office were hastily erected at 0720hrs, catching a Sedge Warbler within about 10 seconds of starting to set the first net!  A Long-tailed Tit flock was 'in residence' in the mist net ride but predictably melted away, along with attendant Chiffchaffs and 'tack' spp, not helped by that bane of early morning ringing, a mist net pole going awol.   By 1200hrs, the situation was somewhat retrieved, but did any of these early birds accompanying the tit flock (which was not relocated) actually reappear in the area?

Office area 0720-1200hrs
Whitethroat - 2 ringed and a retrap ringed at Middleton on 31/8 at 15.5grms and now weighing 19 grams with a fat score of 4.
Lesser Whitethroat - one ringed and another seen
Chiffchaff - at least 10, mainly early & only two caught & a further 6 along Moneyclose Lane
Willow Warbler - one ringed
Sedge Warbler - one ringed
Garden Warbler - one ringed
Blackcap - two seen
Goldcrest - one with the tit flock and another along Moneyclose Lane

Vis mig 0730-0830hrs by the office
Grey Wagtail - three SE whilst looking for mist net pole!
Redpoll spp, - 4 SE
Meadow Pipit - 11 SE
Swallow - 44SE
House Martin - 4SE
Goldfinch - 36 high to the south in dribs and drabs
Chaffinch - 27 as above, but including group of 8 - quite early for vis mig birds here
Greenfinch - no obvious vis mig but another influx of unringed birds in the nets totalling 14
Great-spotted Woodpecker - surprisingly, an unringed adult female was caught (along with a retrap juv)

The tide was too far in/high for any proper shore coverage in time available