Friday, 13 May 2011


Heysham Obs
Another Plan A or Plan B morning was much more clear-cut decision-wise than last Wednesday and it doesnt look good for getting the second CES visit in at Middleton, even this early in the its going to get even windier & this includes some north-westerly rubbish (= 'lie-in!').

North harbour wall 0600-0715
Pomarine Skua - lm picked up on a 'sweep' and had probably lifted off the sea as it didn't pass through the optics earlier trained on the outer bay.  It then flew into the bay and landed rather distantly next to two other skuas which had also been missed!  They looked identical in size to the Pom, but one bird appeared to be a dark morph, very much the minority amongst Pom Skuas and not a morph I have seen in the bay, although fairly regular on the Solway.  So best to leave as unidentified as they floated even further out of sight at an awkward rear-on angle.  Anyone at JBP? [c0617hrs]
Arctic Skua - dm in 0608hrs, much closer inshore than the other skuas
Arctic Tern - one out (a surprise as there have not been any in recent days)
Red-throated Diver - one in very high
Gannet - flock of 5 out
Common Scoter - a typically anarchic straggle of c15 heading out far offshore was the only 'notable' sighting after 0625hrs

Office area
Spotted Flycatcher - one on the fence between reserve and non-op land, then flew strongly towards the classroom