Sunday, 24 June 2012

Another Storm Petrel report

Heysham Obs
Early morning check of the outfalls area revealed that Heysham One was looking rather 'tasty' with more birds feeding on it than at any other time this year.  No Storm Petrel, however, pulled in by the 'chum' in the calm conditions.  As a fresh west-north-westerly kicked in, one was reported, however, feeding around the red buoy/off the end of the outfalls just before midday and the onset of the incoming tide dispersing the 'food' (unknown birder - info via angler)

Storm Petrel - "birder getting quite excited watching a Storm petrel" off the end of the wooden jetty just before midday (per angler)
Kittiwake - 2CY outfalls early morning
Med Gull - 1st summer moulting to 2nd winter Heysham 2 outfall on incoming tide
Lapwing - four OE saltmarsh the first 'returning birds'
no other waders apart from 368 Oystercatcher Red Nab

National moth night final catch
Better than last night which didn't take much doing!  New species for the three NMN nights & two NMN days were: Double-striped Pug, Brown Silver Line and a Cnephasia & Marbled Minor agg which will be specifically identified eventually.  Why didn't they include Sunday day searches?