Friday, 12 November 2010

Early morning storm rewards

Heysham Obs
The interesting stuff was all in the early morning, with later seawatching 'just' a slow procession of Kittiwakes and Little Gulls

North wall 0800-1115hrs
Kittiwake - 130 in, 33 out, 5 across/out (i.e. not going in!)
Pomarine Skua - probable adult light morph 'in' chasing herring Gull, but distant at 0820, 2 juveniles together 'in' at 0915
Skua spp - very dark juvenile but very distant 'in' at 0930, not a Bonxie
Long-tailed Duck - female/imm 'out' at 0845hrs
Shelduck - 14 out
Pintail - flock of 5 out
Little Gull - 18 adult, one 2CY out, all mid-morning onwards
Goldeneye - one out, then in
Fulmar - one across/out
Twite - c10 (2 unringed)

Leach's Petrel off Battery car park at c0900hrs, but not seen to fly out past Heysham.  Bonxie off JBP very early morning