Monday, 11 June 2007

first definite Red-veined Darter of the year & new moth species

Lime Hawkmoth - new, but overdue species, for the reserve.

Chamomile Shark - not new for the reserve but a more unusual species.

An Eyed Hawkmoth unfortunately got away before a photo could be taken of it!


Middleton Industrial Estate:

Red-veined Darter at Middleton Industrial Estate Model Boat Pond. Another located elsewhere on the site as well.

6 spot Burnet moths and Narrow-bordered 5 spot Burnet moths, newly emerged. Thousands at Middleton.

Masses of Common Blue Damselflies

Gangs of Bee Orchids

Leighton Moss: Spooonbill at Eric Morecambe Pool.

Fair Isle: River Warbler located by Mark Breaks as he was extracting a Red Admiral butterfly from the catching box of a Heligoland Trap. The bird flew into a nearby mist net whence it was also seen by the ''blogmaster"(on Fair Isle)........................along with Lesser Grey Shrike, 3-4 Red-backed Shrike, Common Rosefinch, Iceland Gull & a pod of Killer Whale