Sunday, 7 July 2013

Redstart surprise

Heysham Obs
A small amount of ringing by the office produced a few new warblers and a major surprise in the form of a spotty juvenile Common Redstart.  The nearest breeding site is at least 15km as far as I am aware and implicitly this is by some way the earliest autumn record here.  However a brood was ringed on 26th May in Hindburndale, well before any of the other box-nesting Blue/Great Tit/Pied Flycatcher, and implicitly it was not as late arriving this spring as some other migrants

Outfalls/ocean edge beach in the heat haze
Med Gull - 2 ads, two 2CY, one 3CY
Kittiwake - 2 2CY

Getting better! White-line Dart, Muslin Footman, Dotted Clay and Common Emerald new for the year