Saturday, 14 December 2013

Decent local patch birds continue to arrive

Heysham Obs
After a negative large gull trawl, an adult Kittiwake, the first for ages, was seen behind the dredger.  Then a phone call followed by email from Malcolm about the following.  Thanks Malcolm:

First encountered bird about 10.40 as I was walking to west along Ocean Edge foreshore. About 50m east of Red Nab I spotted a robin sized bird flitting between rocks. I got out my binoculars just as it took off towards Red Nab. Got clear view of orange/red tail.  Relocated it in Eastern corner of small bay between Red Nab and Ocean Edge foreshore. Got several good views as it perched on jetsam before hopping down to feed on whatever it was seeing. Most of the views were full frontal or partial profile. It was distinguished by lack of distinguishing features. I would describe the plumage as pretty uniform charcoal grey, with a hint of darker plumage on face (almost like a shadow of a bird!). Only saw the red tail flanks when it flitted about. I have had a look at my reference books and think that it was a female or immature male.  Not there on the return walk at 1145hrs
Harbour area via south wall
Kittiwake - adult behind dredger
Med Gull - at least three adults
Guillemot - one visible
Red Nab and area
Black Redstart - female type Red Nab area 1040hrs 
Meadow Pipit - 2
Wigeon - 85