Monday, 2 June 2008

Change in Black Guillemot behaviour

Heysham Obs
No seawatching this morning

Red Nab
2 Sandwich Tern

Black Guillemot defending the platforms in the SW corner of the harbour against feral pigeons & appearing very agitated [definitely not 'display towards' as two years ago]. Not seen this before.

Moth trap
Highlighted by Broad-barred White, also another Shaded Pug

First Lancs Devon Carpet moths (2) trapped at Lord's Lot Wood near Over Kellet last night. 5 Spoonbill Leighton Moss EM Pool. 2 Osprey Leighton Moss. Hobby hawking for one hour Leighton Moss pm. 20 Crossbill Trough of Bowland in larches near 'Trough bridge' [& several at coastal sites, indicating bit of an irruption]. The Thrushgill birds yesterday were more than the perceived one-two pairs present since at least early January could have produced in the time!