Friday, 16 May 2014

Cuckoo a very welcome addition to year list

Heysham Obs
Very few recent records of Cuckoo from here. One calling male lingering on Middleton NR and adjoining golf course until at least midday

Three migrant Willow warbler ringed this morning, but the only other morning migrant evidence was three Wheatear on Middleton and a 'possible' with respect to at least one of the three Blackcaps ringed

Some murk came in late morning prompting a thrash round:
Spotted Flycatcher - two on fence at southern end of tank farm near the big tree and one 'behind' the dipping pond on hnr
Reed Warbler - one HNR NE corner - new arrival or migrant?
Willow Warbler - one presumed migrant tank farm
Wheatear - 5 power station non-op land
Great Black-back Gull - nesting pair on grey store

Small Copper new for the year and 2-3 4-spotted Chaser seen Middleton

A plague of micros around the gorse on the 'tank farm' proved to be Cydia ulicetana - at least 200 seen!

No known coastal coverage today!

Common Blue at MNR