Saturday, 12 July 2008

The regular adult Med returns?

Heysham Obs
......the above the knee Czech ring was not seen this morning (or on the probably the same late afternoon outfalls adult) but the behaviour along the north wall strongly suggested the 'usual' wintering bird.

Red Nab/Stage 2 outfall
Whimbrel 1
2nd S Med Gull seaward end of Stage 2 outfall (minimal black on primary tips, therefore not NHW bird) and again late afternoon
Ad Med Gull by the outfalls in the afternoon - again the upper right leg could not be seen c/f Czech metal ring
Little Gull - 1st S late afternoon

North harbour wall
Mediterranean Gull adult + 2nd S, 2nd S again present late afternoon
Gannet 4 blogging, 5 'out'
Sandwich Tern 8 'out/across' + 4 blogging

Middleton IE
Late Lapwing chick model boat pond
Snipe - first autumnal bird on the model boat pond
Common Sandpiper - one model boat pond
Kingfisher - first autumnal bird (juv) on the 'no swimming' pond
Grasshopper Warbler - singing male, despite windy weather

New for the year in the trap were Short-cloaked Moth and (surprisingly) Muslin Footman & something which looked like Celypha straminea ('must do better' with micros)

The profile of the Warton Crag quarry Chough continues to rise again after being 'lost' during the spring passage 'excitement' (and amongst the hordes of breeding Jackdaw) - on the pager again for 1110hrs at the quarry. Hobby on the pager for late mid-late afternoon in Lower Hide area.