Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday 16th June.
Well finally the sun shone and the moths came out at Heysham Nature Reserve. A Burnet Companion feeding.
Also there were Mother Shipton Yellow Shell and Grass Rivulet and Scopria Pyralella

Scoparia pyralella
Janet Packham 
Saturday 15th June

North Wall 06.00-06.30hrs.
Gannet – 1 ad out at 06.18
Skua – 1 in very distant at 06.20 – Probably Arctic but could not be

Middleton NR 06.35 – 07.30hrs.
Mute Swan 9 (2 ad with 6 cygnets on MB pond / 1 ad on deep water pond
Gadwall 3 (1m/2f) on MB pond
Mallard 2 (pair) on MB pond
Grasshopper Warbler 4+ (4 reeling at each corner of central marsh + 1
seen briefly elsewhere)
no sight nor sound of Sedge or Reed Warblers
Whitethroat – only 2 males seen

Heysham NR 07.38hrs.
Buzzard – 1 over golf course opposite NR access road
Pete Cook