Thursday, 7 February 2008

Tree Sparrow 'under the belt'

Heysham Obs
This is a BTO Business Challenge year where British Energy enters the Power Station properties in the national competition. Therefore a single noisy Tree Sparrow on the bramble bush by the office at 1615hrs before flying off south was a very welcome record of an unpredictable visitor

North harbour wall/sandworks/mound
Twite - increase to 27 with intensive feeding programme. Please note that ringing, as part of the national Twite project [relating to the Biodiversity Action Plan status of this species], using an "all or nothing" whoosh net, will be taking place just after this weekend and any careless approach by visiting birders which flushes the flock can completely waste everyones time. Bearing in mind that many people have benefited from the close views afforded by the feeding station, is it too much to ask that, if your visit coincides with a ringing session, you dont approach but return on a future date or later in the same day? Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation. For information, there appears to be just the one remaining ringed bird from the November 2005 catch and this was followed by two winters of really low numbers (just 2-3 birds), therefore it would be really valuable to try and catch the whole flock at once during a period when the north harbour wall is free from disturbance. In this respect, the site should be angler-free during the morning next week.
Linnet - 5 with above
Med Gull - Czech-ringed ad & 2nd W on the railings at lunchtime

IOM passenger ferry
Loads of gulls behind it (including large ones) but today's problem was heat haze! At least 45 Kittiwake with 35 of these remaining with the ferry as it turned into the harbour, but as has been the recent trend, all then left and flew out along the shipping lane. One adult Little Gull glimpsed before flying out but no Med Gulls seen.

Single 1st W Little Gull

Pale-bellied Brent Goose Sunny Slopes groyne. Ringtail Hen Harrier Carnforth Marsh