Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nice selection and major Pink-footed Goose arrival

Heysham Obs
Thanks to various people for info this morning which enabled coverage of the sea from about 0645hrs through to at least 1300hrs.  Any updates after then gratefully received as I dont think any of the "usual observers" are around this afternoon.  Thanks.  Evening update: One of the regulars did a short period of afternoon seawatching and the Sabines Gull was seen around the departing ferry at about 1435hrs.  However, not a peep from anyone after that (unless there is info on personal blogs) and there were several birders around the 'wheel'.   Was it seen later on, please, as I suspect it will now be on its way at least first thing tomorrow?

Leach's Petrel - 3: two out at 1200 and 1245hrs (both quite distant) and one in the harbour mouth as the IOM ferry arrived at about 1215hrs and one apparently later in the afternoon (see Michael Foley blogsite)
Sabine's Gull - 3: the 'usual' adult with the damaged foot was around close inshore along the outfalls until about 1100hrs, then may have roosted in the harbour as it was next seen behind the IOM ferry at c1215, then the last known report was following the outgoing IOM ferry at c1435hrs.  There were definitely TWO adults as the Arrow came into port at about 0900hrs and a juv was behind the Clipper Panorama at c0950hrs as far as about the final inshore green buoy, when it peeled off and headed for the permanently moored red boat
Black Tern - juv out 1250hrs and it or another then seen later in the afternoon and presumably the same seen early tomorrow morning
Common Tern - appeared to be more around today as seen from Ocean Edge with at least two adults and 3 juvs
Arctic Tern - a higher percentage of the terns around the wooden jetty were these with  total of about 20 (5+ adults)
Sandwich Tern - about 5
Little Gull - adult and 2CY
Skua spp - one seen early morning by two independent observers and both distant views favoured juv Arctic
Fulmar - 2
Gannet - at least 15 seen, including 3 exhausted birds at various times close inshore
Kittiwake - c10 behind the IOM ferry and 2-3 inshore
Wheatear - 2 Ocean Edge, one north wall
Whimbrel - late bird seen/heard flying over OE
Med Gull - more 1CY seen today with at least 6 around, also c4 adults and at least one 2CY
Eider - 6

Vis mig
Preoccupied this morning but at least 38 Meadow Pipit flew SE & 4 Grey Wagtail over Ocean Edge 0800-0900hrs.  No real evidence of any vis thereafter other than:
Pink-footed Goose - 20 south at 1050hrs, then skeins of 44, 52, 35, c60 & c30 over post-midday

Evening - Half Moon Bay
Pink-footed Goose: 8 W 18:00, 32 S 19:00
Wheatear - 4

Pink-barred Sallow was a long-overdue new addition to the year list