Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Routine coverage

Heysham Obs
Black Guillemot. Not sure what is going on. Need to research courtship behaviour. Morning behaviour: Either the male is trying to draw the female's attention to the potential nesting hole on the wooden jetty with the female less than interested on the water below or the female is prospecting a nest site with the male in attendance on the water. Wasn't sure of the sexes today as never had the birds together. Hopefully have some time for a proper observation tomorrow. No sign of either bird during an hour or so of quite intensive boat/dredger activity late afternoon.
Shag - just one juvenile on the bottom of the structure next to the 'waterfall'
Med Gull - A careful search early evening produced just one adult summer on Heysham 2 outfall with none amongst the 448 Black-headed Gulls on the mudflats/Red Nab - this was fewer BHG than yesterday afternoon
Kittiwake - 1st summer Heysham 2 outfall

Its so far back that I'll break the 'rule' and post here as it is of topical relevance - a single Wall Brown was seen by Malcolm on Middleton IE on "the only decent day this summer" = 10th June. Please send in all observations of this species in the Heysham area. Thanks.

5 Avocet on the banks of the Lune near Glasson - all adults?