Sunday, 24 April 2011

Seemingly 'nothing'

Heysham Obs
Earlyish morning observers report nothing flying overhead, just 7 Sandwich Terns on a short seawatch and c4 birds in the mist nets, including 2 Lesser Whitethroat and one Common Whitethroat

Anyone visiting Middleton NR in the next few days, watch out for large dragonflies - the ultimate long-shot [c/f Vagrant Emperor influx into at least southern Europe - unfortunately the winds are not ideal].  Filling the daily post with this sort of waffle is hopefully infrequent, but the weather synopsis over the next 3-4 days looks rather poor for numbers, as opposed to a few, of grounded migrant passerines, but 'might' produce a few Arctic Terns.

Any assistance covering the sea gratefully received as the tide cycle starts to creep round to the favourable early morning 'incoming' [the usual observer, Jean Roberts, is not available this week]

Fairly impressive, with Brindled Pug possibly new for this site, as the previous records (last 2001) look like they need a "review" date-wise, and Common Pug extremely early.  Dark-barred Twin-spot carpet and Brown Silver Line kicked off their seasons