Sunday, 18 August 2013

Incoming tide Bonaparte's but tide too high for the latecomers

Heysham Obs
Apologies for the broken record but don't turn up here at high tide if it is going to almost cover Red Nab, as this morning with a wind surge.  Avoid high tide on spring tides and make sure you time your visit on 'spring' tides for the period about 3.5hrs before and one hour before. The dropping tide on spring tides is also useless as the birds are spread far and wide across the mudflats and only return to the outfalls in dribs and drabs.  On neap tides, Red Nab will retain the birds but the light on an afternoon neap tide during sunlight can be awful so best get up and cover the early morning.

Outfalls early morning
Little Gull - adult Red Nab 1000ish
Bonaparte's Gull - Heysham one outfall briefly then Red Nab 0810-0830 at least, when the observer left (but then pushed off by tide and very few gulls left by high tide)
Med Gull - at least 12 on the later stages of the incoming tide (7 juvs) - many of the birds will be on the sands to the south of Ocean Edge by this time