Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Loadsa geese

Heysham Obs
A quick block-count at 0805hrs saw a single straggling flock of 3,900, perhaps just topping 4,000 Pink-feet/goose spp heading from the roost off the south Lune across the recycling centre area to land in fields just west of the Overton roundabout on the bypass and this estimate was confirmed by counts 'on the deck'.  These were visible looking east from the nature reserve office and apparently did the same route yesterday morning but flying a little closer to the office

Heysham NR office area
Pink-footed Goose - c3,900 from roost to feeding area as described above (one orange-legged bird located on the ground)
Barnacle Goose - two located on the ground when the flock was checked along the bypass
Possible Bean Goose seen briefly and distantly (structure and billshape/colour, not legs or e.g. tailband)
Dabbling duck spp - flock of 17 on the same line as geese (not Teal) - most unusual!
Redwing - 3 by office first thing
Greenfinch - quite an influx of unringed birds so far

North harbour wall
Purple Sandpiper - one
Twite -  at least 67
Goldfinch - 5
Song Thrush - 1
Rock Pipit 1
No sign Shag

Middleton NR
Jack Snipe flushed from side of model boat pond during sea buckthorn clearance programme